What kids think of their bureaucrat parents

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, still just another three-letter agency despite their attempts to become more self-important, is moving into a new headquarters building in Washington, D.C. And because they don’t want the walls to be bare, they asked their own employees to go home, and have their children draw pictures of what they thought their parents do at work.

That was yet another foolish mistake on the part of the government, as a few of them actually did.

After looking through all 90 entries into the ATF Kid’s Art Contest, I of course noticed some recurring themes, but I also noticed several entries which seemed to capture exactly what ATF is all about.

Consider the winning entry from six-year-old Dixon. What other government agency burns down churches? Well, the FBI, but they haven’t burned any lately that I know of, and they didn’t ask their kids to draw pictures of what their parents were doing at work.

To be perfectly fair, some of the pictures highlighted ATF’s presence at the Pentagon after 9/11, and helping to rescue stranded puppies in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Wait a minute, did ATF actually rescue anybody down there? This is the first I’ve heard of it.

Go look through the artwork that these children submitted, and keep in mind, it’s just another agency putting your freedom in chains.

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