Students sign petition to end women’s suffrage

Going to a private Catholic high school is no guarantee of getting a good education, as several students of Padua Academy, a girls’ school in Wilmington, Delaware, found out, when boys from Salesianum School, the Catholic boys’ school across town, came over and asked Padua students to sign a petition to end women’s suffrage and videotaped them doing it.

It would seem that not everyone was aware of what women’s suffrage is, as time and again, students gladly signed the petition (video). “Women’s suffrage is really bad,” one is heard to say. “Do you have a pen?”

While the principal, Sister Ann Michele Zwosta, says that Padua students learn about women’s suffrage in women’s history, the class, 450 Women’s Topics and Perspectives, is an elective course.

Salesianum principal Rev. Bill McCandless wasn’t too happy about it.

“I just felt it really wasn’t fair, because they were going there with the purpose of tripping them up,” McCandless said.

The principal also said the amateur producers misled their teacher, went on Padua’s property without permission and may have had a role in distributing the video online. . . .

Once the video surfaced on various Internet sites, alumni and parents began to complain, too, Sister Zwosta said. Some of the girls in the video were embarrassed, she said, and many others weren’t laughing.

“The vast majority of students are furious,” she said. — Wilmington News Journal

Furious? If you can’t laugh at yourself when you make a silly mistake, then the stick is jammed too far up your ass.

Padua Academy is a U.S. Department of Education National School of Excellence.

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  • April 22, 2007 at 4:12 am

    It’s not really just about suffrage if you look at a big picture–those girls at padua signed on something they apparently do not know about.

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