Dispatches from the Drug War

Reefer madness is real. Don’t let anybody tell you differently. Marijuana has gotten millions of people to do crazy things they never would have done otherwise, ruining countless people’s lives. These millions of people infected with reefer madness are politicians and law enforcement officials.

The politicians are so insane with reefer madness that they’re willing to put teenagers in jail for two years for a single joint.

And that hints at the true cost of the War on Drugs: millions of lives ruined, billions of dollars wasted.

All to prevent people from getting hold of a harmless plant.

Fortunately, some of them are starting to recover from their marijuana-induced insanity. Consider Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a group of police and other law enforcement officers who recognize that the War on Drugs is a bad idea and should be ended before everyone is in prison.

Last year, more people went to prison for marijuana offenses than live in the entire state of Wyoming.

All to prevent people from getting hold of a harmless plant.

That simple, harmless plant is the only thing which keeps Steve Kubby alive, and he nearly died in jail without it. Others have died because they didn’t have access to marijuana, the only medicine which could keep them alive.

It’s time for the real reefer madness — the War on Drugs — to end.

One thought on “Dispatches from the Drug War

  • April 12, 2007 at 12:16 pm

    And I can spell but my keyboarding is out of wack.Hopefully you guys can get a seminar going someday at IPFW’s collage campus here in Fort Wayne Indiana and I’ll come check it out.You would definitly be able to get alot of people at that event if you announce it starting no less than 3-6 months befor you arrive.I am sure that with the help of some other activists groups in Indiana we could get you a crowd of 1000 plus.But Id hold it on a sunny summer day so space would be unlimited incase the crowed was bigger than expected.You know here in Fort Wayne we have a festival called The Three Rivers Festavile and it happens in June or July for a whole 7 dyas straight,I bet you could get approval from the Mayor to sit up events/fundraisers/rallies on the Allen County Court House lawn or in Fremont Square Park and if you had a legitimate petition to have local police officers to sign or to take home and sign/review you could probably gain about 100+ officials by weeks end.Just a thought.Gotta get to bed and go to work now.Good night n god bless.

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