Bits of homeland stupidity

It’s been a very slow news week. As it turns out, Congress was in recess (read: on yet another vacation), so not too much was going on. Here are three leftover headlines which you might have missed while the talking heads were trying to figure out what to talk about.

  • New York City is moving forward with plans to blanket the city in surveillance cameras. The first of 500 cameras, to cost the city $9 million for starters, went up in Brooklyn last week.
  • Bored Washington, D.C., police, having nothing better to do in the upscale Chevy Chase neighborhood, are upsetting residents by giving out parking tickets in the middle of the night. “If they come in without any tickets, no arrests . . . they could be challenged by their superiors,” said Capt. Willie Smith.
  • Finally, if you’re planning a crime, don’t post about it in advance on the Internet. Teenagers who planned to copycat the Columbine High School shootings at their own high school in Riverton, Kan., were foiled after police were tipped off to their plans — from a Myspace posting.

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  • February 28, 2007 at 9:58 am

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