Server outage

Homeland Stupidity has been up and down, mostly down, over the last day or so. The reason for the outage is due to failed server hardware.

The server admins are working on it, but I don’t know at this time when we’re going to be up, and remain up. Until then the site will be up and down. You can follow along if you’re so inclined, which is about all I’ve been doing for the last day.

Hopefully this won’t last much longer. The site’s up now, and hopefully we’ll remain up and running.

Update: I’m putting up a failover server which will take over in the event of such an outage occurring in the future. While the current server is running well below capacity, if it’s down, I have no capacity at all. So hopefully this will be the last time you ever see any sort of outage here. Thanks for your patience.

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