Specter: Uribe wants RFID for migrant workers

Here’s an interesting immigration idea. Why don’t we put RFID chips inside every foreign person who enters the country?

So, it appeared, proposed Colombian president Alfaro Uribe, according to Sen. Arlen Specter, (R-Pa.) who said in a speech before Congress (PDF) that “President Uribe said he would consider having Colombian workers have microchips implanted into their bodies before they are permitted to enter the United States to work on a seasonal basis.”

And if you think that’s going to work, consider what Specter thought of the idea. “I doubted whether the implantation of microchips would be effective since the immigrant worker might be able to remove them,” he said.

Uribe on Thursday refused to say whether he proposed microchip implants, acknowledging only that he encouraged the senators to replace “draconian” immigration laws with a temporary work program that treats Colombian workers humanely, like one the country already shares with Spain and Canada.

“If the United States, with all its technology, computers and chips, doesn’t have the means to know who enters or leaves the country then where are we?” he said during an interview on City TV. — Associated Press

While this sort of thing might help with people coming to the U.S. and then overstaying their visas, it would do nothing for the much larger issue of people just walking or swimming right across the U.S.-Mexico border.

And I don’t think the workers would go for it, either.

“If the United States wants to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country, they should find a better way than treating humans like animals,” said Diana Lozano, an architecture student. . . .

“It sounds rather Orwellian,” said John Keeley, spokesman for the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington. “In a Star Trek-kind of future, 20-40 years down the road, we might need to consider this, but it’s not germane to the contemporary immigration debate.” — Ibid.

Yeah, those RFID chips will make it much easier to get a transporter lock on all the immigrants and deport them all at once.

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  • April 10, 2007 at 4:29 am

    This talk is insane!!! If it comes to chips being manditory, I will leave the United States!!

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