Minuteman Project builds border fence

If you want something done right, they say, you have to do it yourself. That seems to be the attitude of members of the Minuteman Project who began construction of a 10-mile section of fence on the Arizona border with Mexico Saturday.

The fence section will be made of barbed wire, razor wire and steel barriers in some spots, constructed on the same private land where the project had conducted its first border patrol in 2002.

The Minuteman Project boasts 176,000 members nationwide, with 7,000 already cleared to patrol the border after having received background checks and training. “We don’t want racists and we don’t want violent felons” at the border, said spokeswoman Connie Hair. “You go through a clearance process and train to get to go to the border.”

Quetzal Doty of Sun Lakes, Ariz., a retired U.S. diplomatic consular officer, brought his wife, Sandy, to the event.

He said he’s convinced the Minutemen and most Americans aren’t anti-immigrant.

“They’re just anti-illegal,” said Doty. “The Minutemen walk the extra mile to avoid being anti-immigrant and that’s what we like about the organization and what got us interested.” — Associated Press

The fence will cost $100,000, and the group has already raised $380,000 to build border fences, Hair said.

Watch Minuteman spokeswoman Connie Hair briefing Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) on how illegal aliens cross the border:

Then watch Jack, Stephen Colbert and the Minutemen:

One thought on “Minuteman Project builds border fence

  • June 4, 2006 at 1:16 am

    Perhaps we won’t have illegal immigration problems if we didn’t have countries at all. The problem with those crossing the Mexican border, are the La Raza’s that are only concerned with their race to the USA, without regard for the ones from other countries that are patiently waiting in line to get in. The La Raza’s I know are rather outspoken about their hatred of Americanos and gringos and their plan to take back the states they presume stolen from them.

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