Another phone numbers station: 415-704-0402

Yesterday I reported on what appeared to be a numbers station which, instead of being on shortwave radio, was located on an ordinary telephone line. These shortwave numbers stations, should you tune one in on the radio, read endless strings of numbers or letters, frequently in foreign languages. Most people believe that they are coded messages, but it’s not always clear for whom they’re intended. That’s certainly the case with the odd telephone numbers stations. Now there’s a second one.

And again, it was with a posting to Craigslist on Monday that it all began. As of right now, the posting is still there, but it’ll probably go away shortly.

For Mein Fraulein

Mein Fraulein,

You must call me again soon.


Anyone who calls the telephone number will receive this recording (MP3). It’s much like the previous one. It starts with some music, reads groups of numbers, each group read twice, ends with more music. The same pattern again. Here is what you receive when you call the number. Again, I’ve cut each duplicate block for clarity.

Group 617
06107 80020 21085 00601 30690
06079 01201 50240 07006 01601
70690 95000 01702 40050 14024
00908 70220 67089 07401 00820
10086 07801 30240 04016 02707
30130 15006 09306 91120 20084
00000 00210 03070 03107 60490
65023 02706 70000 07016 01201

The telephone number 415-704-0402 is registered to Pac-West Telecomm, another VoIP wholesaler. This doesn’t tell who retailed the number, or to whom.

And the questions remain. Who’s sending these messages? Who is receiving them? What’s the purpose? And what’s in the messages?

Maybe Ryan was right about them being love letters. Or maybe we’ve stumbled across something bigger than that. Anyway, since I now know where the next Craigslist posting will appear, albeit not when, I’ll be watching for it.

If you get bored listening to these two phone numbers stations, spend some time listening to recordings of shortwave numbers stations.

(Thanks to Rob for the lead.)

Update: And now there’s a third phone numbers station as well.

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