Third phone numbers station: 678-248-2352

For those of you following the mystery of two phone numbers stations found from postings on Craigslist, I have interesting news: A third posting, and a third message, have appeared.

The phone numbers stations, when called, play a short message reminiscent of normally heard on shortwave radio. On May 8, someone posted a message to Craigslist with a telephone number which, when called, played such a message, and on May 29, a second message was posted to Craigslist with a different telephone number and a different message.

Early this morning the typical message “For Mein Fraulein” appeared on Atlanta Craigslist, shooting down the theory Wil Wheaton put forth about the next posting appearing in Boston.

For Mein Fraulein

Mein Fraulein,

I hear the weather in the South is good this time of year. Won’t you call me?


The number, when called, does what you expect by now. You would hear this recorded message (MP3) playing groups of numbers, each group repeated twice, apparently for clarity. The numbers are:

Group 134
00300 30020 79087 02202 50150
75031 06501 00110 67027 06607
90640 21079 02107 90000 72018
06501 60000 12008 06801 90180
15088 03108 40730 29024 02500
60760 79013 01107 70950 07071
01806 9070

As you can see, it’s a shorter message than the previous two, and seems to follow the same basic patterns.

The telephone number is owned by Global Crossing, a wholesaler of VoIP and other telecommunications services. The VoIP retailer is still unknown.

People have suggested that the messages are pranks, or are some sort of commercial gimmick. But at least one person, who is in the U.S. military, says he sent a copy of one of the messages up the chain of command and was promptly notified that it was classified and he wasn’t cleared to know anything further about it. I don’t know whether this is standard operating procedure for any encrypted message or whether it indicates that there’s something to be found.

In either case, I provide the message for hobbyists and professionals alike, as it’s likely the phone number itself will die soon; both previous numbers were disconnected shortly after they were publicized.

Thanks to Meatstack for the lead.

[Missed the last two messages? Here they are: 212-796-0735 415-704-0402]

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