Carnival of Liberty LIII call for submissions

Do you have a weblog? And do you have something to say about the constant erosion of liberty these days?

The 53rd Carnival of Liberty, dedicated to bloggers’ writings on the principles of life, liberty and property, will return to Homeland Stupidity on Tuesday.

The Carnival of Liberty began July 4, 2005, at The Unrepentant Individual, from a small group of people upset with the Kelo v. New London eminent domain decision, and has grown to over 150 regular members. It’s primarily part of the Life Liberty Property community of blogs, of which I’m proud to be a member.

Posts can be about almost anything, as long as it has to do with life, liberty, property, getting the state out of our lives, and so forth. For a sample, see last week’s Carnival of Liberty.

If you have a weblog and would like your writing to appear in the next Carnival of Liberty, submit it through Conservative Cat’s submission form, through the Blog Carnival submission form, or just e-mail it in. Posts should be in by 10 p.m. Eastern time, Monday, July 10th. Then the Carnival will appear Tuesday morning.