Carnival of Liberty LVI

Welcome to the 56th Carnival of Liberty, celebrating the principles of Life, Liberty and Property, a weekly whirlwind tour of the blogosphere‘s best writings on these principles.

And the topics really are wide and varied this week, so I’m just going to dive right in. First, the bad news.

Lisa at The London Fog dodges census enumerators and wonders exactly how many times the government needs to count her in Census 2006 ‘ The headhunt continues.

LibertyNews Editor at LibertyNews warns that the federal government will be Broadening CALEA, bringing wiretapping to your phone line and Internet connection, and making you pay for it.

Abraham Cherrix, 16, who is suffering from cancer, was being forced by a court to undergo treatments neither he nor his parents wanted, which had little chance of saving his life anyway. Ogre at Ogre’s Politics and Views learns that he’s been granted a short reprieve in Crushing of Cherrix Freedom Delayed.

When Government Is ‘Responsible’ For Your Well Being, notes Indian Cowboy, you aren’t going to get the help you need when you need it, because people who might have otherwise helped you will let someone else do it. This ensures that you die by the side of the road.

Eminent domain abuse may be alive and well, but perhaps not for much longer. Doug Mataconis at The Liberty Papers examines the heartening decision from Ohio in Norwood v. Horney: A Crushing Blow To Kelo.

Recently the state of Maryland failed in a bid to punish Wal-Mart for being, well, Wal-Mart. Tom Anger at Liberty Corner explains why this isn’t good for liberty in The Bad News about Wal-Mart’s Victory in Maryland.

Michael Black at the No Angst zone cooks up some Mmmm, tasty government bacon in a virtual pork festival, highlighting yet another bridge to nowhere, this one in Nebraska.

When the Democratic Party is too socialist, the Republican Party is too fascist, and the Libertarian Party is too small, Doug Mataconis at The Liberty Papers asks What’s A Libertarian To Do?

Rick Sincere at Rick Sincere News and Thoughts fills up his car and then asks, Gas Prices: How Much Is Too Much? We haven’t reached too much yet, he says, because gas is still much cheaper than the price tag suggests.

TKC at The Pubcrawler discovers who really killed the electric car in The death of the electric car.

Indian Cowboy makes A Libertarian Argument For A Strong Border Policy. Read it for yourself; he does make some good points on why opening the borders now may well be a recipe for disaster.

Stephen Littau at Fearless Philosophy for Free Minds explores the immorality of religion in The End of Faith (Book Review), finding that all of the major religions have contributed to horror and atrocity.

LibertyNews Editor at LibertyNews takes on crime-loving police and politicians in Gun meltdown programs are like book burning.

Leslie Carbone argues that the federal income tax needs fundamental reform because it is unwise, unjust, and immoral. But Is the Tax Reform Man Coming?

Speaking of taxes, Michael McCullough at Stingray: a blog for salty Christians looks at who’s hitting their own heads with hammers in Surprising Jump in Tax Revenues Is Curbing Deficit.

Cody Herche at legal redux analyzes the Supreme Court of Washington’s decision on same-sex marriage in Andersen v. King County. (Note: This post appears to have been censored. I trust that you can reinsert the correct words in the appropriate places.)

Mapmaster at The London Fog finds that Politics is so gay that if a politician doesn’t personally attend and endorse a gay event, it somehow constitutes intolerance.

Finally, Basil at The London Fog finds that the most important thing for public school to be teaching children is, of course, basketball and floor hockey, in Keep ’em in school ’til they’re 18 . . . and teach them to dribble.

That’s it for this week! And I’m sorry it wasn’t posted at the crack of dawn, but I woke up quite sick this morning. Next week’s Carnival of Liberty will be hosted at Socratic Rhythm Method. Enjoy!