Phone numbers station: 806-224-0272

Now even I’m thinking this is some sort of game, or challenge, or even an elaborate prank. But I said I would continue following these numbers stations until someone figured them out.

Last Tuesday, a message appeared on Lubbock Craigslist asking “For Mein Fraulein” to “Call me.” You probably know where this is leading by now.

The message in the Lubbock (Texas) missed connections section of Craigslist, posted July 25 at 1:19 am, read:

For Mein Fraulein

Mein Fraulein,

Our rendezvous was noted. Perhaps a more intimate venue would serve. I trust in your discretion. Call me.

806 //// 224 //// 0272

I should note that this actually appeared two days prior to the previously noted message on 414-386-1377, but for some reason, I wasn’t made aware of it until today. (Thanks fader!)

On calling the number, the expected happens: a few seconds of A-ha’s Little Black Heart, followed by groups of numbers read twice (MP3). This message transcribed:

Group 169
00201 30030 27065 00101 50050
73034 00807 10820 65033 01606
50190 68021 02900 80690 18092
09508 50810 66071 09207 10130
64089 11200 40150 09016 00001
40160 67046 07801 80070 03078
07204 20020 85004 00900 10230

The telephone number is owned by Grande Communications, a provider of telecommunications services in Texas.

With at least eight messages now, someone should be able to crack this. I’ve got a wiki page available for collaboration as well.

Now this is driving me nuts. What’s in these messages? Do I have to drop everything and spend a weekend of time I don’t have on this? Come on!

One thought on “Phone numbers station: 806-224-0272

  • August 29, 2006 at 4:58 am

    any significance in the locations of the CL posts? So far they spell out NSALOLOM– maybe N.S.A lol om–g? If the next place is a G, then we’re dealing with a prankster.

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