Homeland Stupidity

California Communists pass single payer health care

Back in March I reported that Communists had brought a biological weapon of mass destruction into the state of California and were threatening to deploy it, putting everyone in the state at risk. Now they are closer than ever to killing thousands and potentially injuring everyone in the state.

The California state Assembly passed Sen. Sheila Kuehl’s weapon of mass destruction, also known as single payer health care, by a vote of 43-30. A conference committee will work out some minor differences in wording (“health care consumer” versus “patient”) and send it to Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to sign.

Schwarzenegger has previously said he would veto the bill, but that was before he came under pressure from all sides.

“I don’t believe that government should be getting in there and should start running a health care system that is kind of done and worked on by government,” Schwarzenegger said in July at a speech at the Commonwealth Club. “I think that what we should do is be a facilitator, to make the health care costs come down. The sad story in America is that our health care costs are too high, that everyone cannot afford health care.”

Labor unions and Democrats will take part in a rally on Wednesday to urge Schwarzenegger to sign the bill. — San Francisco Chronicle

The bill abolishes private health insurance and provides that government will regulate and pay for all health care, but doesn’t specify how it’s to be paid for. A commission will have to figure that out in the next few years, so there’s still time for doctors, hospitals and patients to get out of the state before a bad situation gets even worse.

The bill institutes health care rationing. Doctors have to see patients in the order in which they appear. The wait to see a specialist could balloon to that seen in other single-payer areas — years. People die while waiting to see the doctor for something that’s easily treated in a more free health care system.

And when the money eventually runs out, which it will, health care providers will see cuts in the amount of money they get from the state, or be prohibited from making improvements to their doctors’ offices and hospitals, under the bill.

So much for quality of health care. Yes, the system gives everyone health care — on paper. In reality, it gives everyone poor health care at best, and at worst, many Californians, unable to leave the state to seek better health care, will die. In addition, the best doctors will leave the state, and the best hospitals will scale back their operations or close entirely, unable to operate under a Communist health care system, further degrading the quality of health care for everyone.

If you live in California, urge Gov. Schwarzenegger to veto this bill.