Homeland Stupidity unscheduled downtime

Homeland Stupidity was unavailable for several hours Thursday night due to an unexpected failure of our DNS provider.

I switched the domain to a backup DNS provider and most service has been restored as of early Friday morning.

However, IPv6 service will be unavailable until further notice, as the backup DNS service does not support IPv6. This should have very little impact as very few people access the site using IPv6.

Update: I’ve been testing IPv6 connectivity and it looks like everything is back to normal as of Oct. 31.

A few people may be unable to access the site for several more hours as DNS change propagation takes place across the Internet.

The simultaneous failure of the DNS provider’s two disparate networks is extremely unusual. A notice posted in place of their Web site indicates that it is suffering from a DDoS attack, and hopes to have partial service restored soon. Obviously, I couldn’t wait that long.

I am also taking steps to ensure that unexpected failures of third party service providers do not disrupt site operations in the future.

Update: DNS service has been brought in-house rather than being outsourced, as it was previously. This will provide greater control, more flexibility and faster response to any trouble which may occur in the future.