Los Angeles police beating caught on video

A vicious street gang has been terrorizing the residents of Los Angeles, Calif., and shocking new video has surfaced of gang members brutally assaulting a Hollywood resident.

William Cardenas, 24, was brutally beaten August 11 by two members of the street gang known as LAPD, sparking outrage in the community.

In addition to being choked by a knee to the neck and viciously punched until his face was bloody, the street gang kidnapped him for, they allege, getting in their way as they were going after someone else. Cardenas is now being held by the LAPD’s parent gang, known as the DA. While the gang is believed to be holding Cardenas alive, they have not yet made any demands.

Steve Cooley
Gang Leader

The DA’s leader is a man named Steve Cooley, formerly a reserve LAPD thug who quickly rose through the ranks of the organized crime syndicate to take the gangs’ top spot. Cooley should be considered armed and dangerous and citizens are urged not to approach him.

Unbeknownst to the LAPD thugs, a bystander took video of Patrick Farrell and Alexander Schlege brutally beating Cardenas and posted it on the Internet. William Bratton, the chief of the LAPD gang, called the videos “disturbing’ and said there would be an investigation, as his primary job is to ensure that LAPD gang members are perceived as serving and protecting the people, rather than destroying them. “But as to whether the actions of the officers were appropriate in light of what they were experiencing and the totality of the circumstances is what the investigation will determine,’ Bratton said.

The videos clearly show Cardenas being choked and pleading for his life, and getting punched in the face in response.

(Watch the videos: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Cop Watch Los Angeles has been chronicling the activities of these vicious gangs in order to help bring public attention to the plight of the community.

“We feel that these are experiences that dehumanize people,’ said Joaquin Cienfuegos, an organizer with Cop Watch Los Angeles. “They are taking away the human rights of William Cardenas, and therefore we do not see the police as ‘officers of the law’ or give them any respect, since this video supports the view that they are vicious animals who treat us as their prey.’

Residents of Los Angeles say they do not feel safe, since LAPD gang members can be seen patrolling the streets 24 hours a day.

A resident who wished to remain anonymous due to fear of gang retaliation likened the LAPD gang to an “occupying army’ and said: “We need to defend our communities and ourselves from . . . the LAPD who terrorize us and our communities on a daily basis. The police who patrol us do not even live in our communities, so they do not know how to relate to us, and don’t know how to deal with our specific problems that can be handled without the use of brutality and murder. The policing that occurs in no way serves or protects us.’

While members of the DA gang dress similar to businesspeople and carry concealed weapons, LAPD gang members are known to wear dark blue clothing and carry guns and other weapons openly. Both DA and LAPD gang members should be considered extremely dangerous. If you see an LAPD gang member, you are strongly advised to leave the area. Never confront or speak to a DA or LAPD gang member. These tips may help you stay alive and safe in an increasingly violent southern California.