Who knew protesting could be so fun?

In preparation for my move next year, and for other reasons which I’ll explain, I visited New Hampshire this week, participated in a well-attended protest, and thumbed my nose at government bureaucrats while they watched out their office windows.

It was fun for the whole family, even standing in the pouring rain.

After arriving safely in an undisclosed location where cell phones don’t work, getting thoroughly lost along the way, I spent Sunday night with some friends, and Monday morning it was off to help Keene resident Dave Ridley protest the treatment he received from the Department of Homeland Security when he protested the Internal Revenue Service earlier this year.

Ridley was cited for distributing handbills after he conducted one of his famous silent protests, where he held a sign at the bureaucrats asking, “Is it right to work 4 IRS?’ and refusing to say a single word to anyone, not even the police who eventually ordered him to leave the building.

Despite the on-and-off downpour, the protest prior to Dave’s 10:30 a.m. court hearing was well attended, with 17 people showing up at various points in the hour and a half protest. Carrying signs with “IRS’ crossed out, “Ministry of Torture’ and other slogans, we all were well received by local residents driving by, who generally honked their support.

I didn’t attend the actual court hearing, because I was outside holding the electronics which the court refuses to allow inside. Or at least some of them. And I got plenty of pictures of people’s cars while waiting, both those of the Homeland Security goons who were in attendance (I was later told that security was beefed up because of the protest) and those of Free State Project members who came to the protest. Aside from myself, people came from as far away as Chicago and Atlanta to join the protest. Most of these pictures speak for themselves.

The very brief summary is that while Dave raised constitutional issues with the citation he received, the judge found him guilty anyway, and seemed to be hinting that Dave should appeal. As of Wednesday, Dave is taking steps to file an appeal. To hear all the details of what happened, listen to Monday night’s Free Talk Live radio show (MP3).

After the kangaroo court, I snapped a picture of the restaurant across the street where many of the bureaucrats eat lunch, then we all went elsewhere…

All in all it was lots of fun, and I’m looking forward to my next visit, and to finally moving to the Free State and making more of an impact for liberty in our lifetime.