Save liberty before America finally destroys it

How much freedom, how much liberty, how much of America’s very soul, are you willing to give up to be secure? Homeland Security secretary Michael Chertoff says freedom should be subject to a cost-benefit analysis. He says that’s what you want.

Liberty is an endangered species in the land which advanced the principle farther than any other at any time in recorded history.

The reasons why are many and varied, but one comes out crystal clear: Americans are scared. They’re scared of another terrorist attack. They’re scared of criminals stealing from them or killing them. They’re even so scared of their own neighbors that, unlike most of human history, most Americans have no idea who any of their neighbors even are.

This country went far off track long before September 11, 2001, and it’s only getting worse. Chertoff somehow thinks that this cost-benefit analysis actually makes things better.

“My commitment and part of what we’re trying to build in this department is a disciplined, balanced approach that manages risk by always asking the question ‘what is the security benefit, and what is the cost in terms of liberty, privacy and expense?’ and then makes the cost/benefit determination that I think all of us think is the right way to make policy,” he said.

Chertoff says this fine line in policy making actually enhances freedoms and personal liberties. — Voice of America

You have to wonder if he knows what liberty really is. He’s talking about destroying freedom in the name of protecting it. This, of course, is impossible.

The reality is that these things, deadly as they are, are bogeymen created by the very government which now comes in to pretend to save us. Most “crime” these days is caused by Prohibition, a failed experiment that our great-grandparents quickly figured out was a bad idea, but which we have yet to learn in our own day, when it’s been renamed to the War on Drugs. Terrorism is a political act which, though it may target ordinary people, is aimed squarely at a government. But even the word itself has been perverted, and now looking at someone funny is called a “terrorist” act.

All of these things are merely symptoms of a larger issue: People believe that violence is an appropriate way to resolve disputes and bend other people to one’s will. Most people aren’t even consciously aware that they support violence. And when you point it out to them, they call you insane.

This mistaken belief has led to the undermining by the U.S. government of property rights, speech rights, gun rights, gay rights, religious rights, privacy rights, and many other rights possessed by the people. Republicans and Democrats both cheer on and actively move forward the process of restoring tyranny to America, by occasionally trading places, and only supporting some of the rights of the people, while arguing that others should be infringed. The great mass of people, not knowing any better, mistakenly believe they must choose whichever of them is the lesser of the two evils that year.

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you aren’t one of them. There’s a good chance that you utterly reject the notion that people must be forced to do the bidding of others. There’s a good chance that you recognize government for what it is: a Mafia-like racket which robs by gunpoint the people under its rule and imprisons or kills anyone who dares to disagree with and resist its use of violence against them. There’s a good chance that you know that government’s providing “protection” in the form of police services, welfare services, and the like is, much like the Mafia’s similar services, simply a ruse to deceive people into thinking government is a force for good.

As if using force, except in defense, could ever be good.

(There’s also a good chance you are one of the government racketeers. In that case, just add this to the file, and later, ask yourself how you can sleep at night knowing the net damage you are doing to society.)

The time has come for all of those who understand and love liberty to make a stand. That’s why I joined the Free State Project, which plans to move 20,000 liberty lovers to New Hampshire to make a stand for freedom. Members agree to move, within five years after the 20,000th person signs up, and to become active for liberty when they arrive. Exactly how you do that, though, is up to you.

But I feel that it can’t wait any longer. With the somewhat divided government we got after the 2006 elections, we may get a brief reprieve from some of the worst tyranny yet to come. Or it could get worse in subtly different ways. One thing’s for sure: Every day that passes is another day you’ve spent one-third to one-half of being a slave to your government masters. Life wasn’t meant to be this way, and certainly only the palest shadow of liberty remains.

This is why I also signed the First 1000 pledge, to move to New Hampshire by the end of 2008, and help over 100 others who have already arrived to rekindle the fires of liberty, before the United States succeeds in extinguishing liberty entirely.

Long time readers here know that there isn’t a moment left to lose if we’re to preserve anything of what we have left, and even to regain some of our lost liberties. If you haven’t already, please join the Free State Project. And also, if at all possible, sign the First 1000 pledge and come home to New Hampshire as soon as possible.

We‘ll be there waiting for you.

(Also, don’t forget to attend the New Hampshire Liberty Forum this February!)

One thought on “Save liberty before America finally destroys it

  • January 17, 2007 at 6:59 pm

    I just found your blog, following a link from the freestateproject. Maybe I’ll see you in NH sometime, as I also signed the first 1000 pledge. It’s a great state, no doubt about that, although I’m not sure how long NH can protect us from the insanity. 2008 is also when the RealID act is scheduled to be fully implemented, with all of us RFID tracked as we enter any bank or government establishment ‘ which will doubtless soon include any public road.

    The nightmare of _1984_ was a picnic compared to what is surely heading our way. We’ve got a terrorist in the White House; I think we are cooked.

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