First 1,000 to move for liberty

The 1,000th signer of the Free State Project’s First 1000 pledge, to move to New Hampshire by the end of 2008 and work toward individual liberty and smaller government, signed up at about 8 p.m. Saturday night, 23 hours before the pledge deadline.

The pledge to which each person committed reads: “I will move to New Hampshire by 12/31/2008 where I will work to bring about a society in which government’s maximum role is protecting life, liberty, and property but only if 999 other liberty minded individuals will too.”

Already some 150 people have moved to the state, and one of them has already been elected to a statewide office. Early movers have already organized themselves into loose alliances to work toward greater liberty, not only by political means, but through civil disobedience as well.

Socialists and totalitarians are already beginning to invade New Hampshire, especially from Massachusetts, and have already begun working to destroy the state from within. It’s critical that liberty lovers step up now and help beat back this menace. If you signed, please move as soon as possible; there isn’t a moment to lose! I’m proud to say I was an early signer of the First 1000 pledge and I will also be moving to New Hampshire within the next few months.

If you agree that the government has gotten out of control, and want to help cut it back down to size, join the Free State Project. But even if you can’t do so right away, come and visit New Hampshire, and learn how we are going to build liberty in our lifetime!

One thought on “First 1,000 to move for liberty

  • January 2, 2007 at 6:47 am

    The reason the Free State Project is a reasonable idea is that there are countries, namely the UK and Canada (I understand Canada more so than the UK – the Liberal Party is mostly dead, isn’t it?), that have what political scientists sometimes call “2 and a half party systems.” That is, ordinarily an SMDP/FPTP electoral system. like the one we and these two countries have creates entrenched two party systems. However, when a minor party has all or most of its limited support concentrated in one area, as the Quebec National Party does in Canada, a 2 and a half party system is created, and the minor party is given some limited power.

    No one intends to get rid of the people already living in NH, or kill the liberals, or close the borders to people from other states. All they want to do is create a region with a high concentration of libertarian voters so that this substantial minority can have its voice heard more effectively. If some other minority group of voters – socialists, for instance – wants to do the same, they are more than welcome.

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