Maryland begins “homeland security” shakedowns

Maryland state police conducted what they call a “homeland security” operation Wednesday near the MARC commuter rail station in Brunswick. So, if it’s about homeland security, why did the police have drug dogs sniffing cars?

Police have been secretive about the purpose of the operation, which lasted several hours Wednesday afternoon according to an eyewitness, whose father’s restaurant was in view of the checkpoint and lost lunch and dinner business.

State police spokesman Greg Shipley did say that they made two arrests, one for driving on a suspended license, and the other on drug charges, issued 27 traffic tickets and 60 warnings, and ran their drug sniffing dogs around more than 100 cars.

“We were not there for a threat on the Brunswick station,” he said. “We were there for Homeland Security in Maryland.”

Agencies included the Brunswick, Amtrak, Maryland Transit and Transportation police departments and the state Fire Marshal office.

The MARC train is an area that needs to be monitored, Shipley said. Some residents may be concerned by the police activity but the efforts were not done to alarm them — it was done to protect them.

“Maryland State Police (troopers) are out there working with other law enforcement agencies with the goal of keeping Maryland secure,” Shipley said. — Frederick News-Post

You shouldn’t be alarmed when you see a police checkpoint up ahead. You should be glad that the police are out there protecting you. Because, as we all know, homeland security requires you to submit to whatever the government demands. After all, you are the threat. You could hurt yourself with an evil marijuana plant or something.

So, what do these checkpoints have to do with security? They have nothing to do with your security. They are about securing the state. That is, after all, what “homeland security” means — state security. Especially security against the people, who must remain subjugated and controlled at all times.

Don’t forget, if you have a bad thought, turn yourself in!

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  • April 9, 2007 at 5:56 am

    You are being trained to accept random, irrational, and intrusive searches and interrogations. There is NO “terrorist” threat, except from the Homelandstupidity Goons.

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