Homeland Stupidity

It’s only suspicious if you’re dressed like a “terrorist”

If you’re a potential threat, and you want to get those critical pictures of a bridge or a nuclear reactor, what do you do? After all, these days you’re bound to have cops on your ass within minutes.

The Chaser’s War on Everything, a hilarious Australian comedy show, has the answer.

And it’s simple: You just pretend to be a dumb (American) tourist.

And, of course, it helps to dress the part.

(Thanks to our friends at Threat Level for sharing this video so that I can share it with you.)

For more Chaser’s War on Everything, see what happened last year when they tried to get past airport security with fake boarding passes.

This sort of thing isn’t supposed to work in America. In fact, the Michigan State Police put out a rather stupid video (Windows Media) warning people to be suspicious of exactly this sort of thing. It’s probably good that the word hasn’t gotten out yet, since, as security expert Bruce Schneier puts it: “I especially like the scenes of concerned citizens calling the police. Anyone care to guess what the false alarm rate would be if everyone started making phone calls like this?”