Homeland Stupidity on Myspace

For all of those of you who are younger than I am, you’re probably on Myspace, that huge social networking site which has a profile for almost everyone in the country under 30.

Now you can get Homeland Stupidity on Myspace.

This is just an experiment for now, to see what the level of interest is, but if it goes well, I’ll do more with Myspace in the future.

If you have a Myspace, add Homeland Stupidity to your friends!

I’m not copying Homeland Stupidity posts to Myspace at present, so if you want to be sure you get all the latest content delivered to you, I still recommend using RSS or email.

One thought on “Homeland Stupidity on Myspace

  • June 10, 2007 at 7:59 pm

    pointerouter, use your real name , I liked what you said, michael and his groupies BLOGS,are the sources he is using, and he wants money for this trash. I have been trying to give him the inside scoop, on certain issues concerning National Security, especially since he so bodly uses the Federal Trademark of Homeland Security, but as you have stated he only wants to use his spiel of opinions.

    Show us your valid sources, you are the one that asked for comments Michael, come down from that high horse your riding and work with the real world, because you have chose to be the Author, “Do you have a specific complaint, or are you just running your mouth because you can”? How old are, you talk like your still in high school ? Come on give us the real scoop about who you are, and your Credentials I will be glad to give you mine, you will be surprised, maybe your readers would like to know about your background. I like it when you get angry, shows your true personality, keep it up.

    look out for the new web site, that will post other peoples comments concerning your Homeland Stupidity and your friends the clock is running its actually an hourglass when the sand all runs out times up.

    Oh, and to actually answer the question, the federal government is prohibited from copyrighting its own works. Thus it isn’t allowed to stop me from satirizing its heraldry.Michael Hampton | May 16, 2007 5:25 pm
    useing the logo as you do is not considered satirizing its heraldry and is not covered under that law, sorry. your asking for money to keep this game of yours running, lets get rumbling or did I mean rambling . To all my friends out their have a good evening.ddh

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