Social Security card to be national ID

Two proposals being floated around Capitol Hill call for the Social Security card to be updated with biometric information and for U.S. employers to be required to verify it with the Department of Homeland Security when hiring.

Scared yet? You should be. While everyone was off fighting the REAL ID battle, national identification proponents were sneaking in the back door, arguing that the Social Security card should be updated with the latest technology to prevent illegal immigrants from working.

Under the so-called Bonner Plan, citizens and resident aliens alike would have to obtain a new Social Security card containing their photograph, a barcode or magnetic stripe containing an encrypted signature verifiable through card readers provided by the Department of Homeland Security, and would have to present this card in order to obtain work. The plan provides that employers who fail to verify the card face fines, prison time, and would be billed for the cost of deporting any illegal aliens they may have hired.

Of course, they’re still claiming that the card wouldn’t be a national ID card. But if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it certainly isn’t a sheep.

There are also logistical problems to overcome before forcing all of the nation’s employers to verify a biometric card — given the nation has millions of employers, many of whom may not have computer equipment at all.

“This is an exact example of why IDs are so ludicrous as a form of security,” American Civil Liberties Union legislative counsel Tim Sparapani said. “Do we really think the migrant workers are going to show up at the pickle farm and the farmer is going to demand ID and have a laptop in the field to check their ID?”

That’s one of the problems that Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-California), who heads a key House immigration subcommittee, says she’s thinking about.

“There seems to be a fairly strong sentiment that there needs to be an easy way to reliably enforce whatever rules we adopt and the biometric is something being discussed in all the House bills,” Lofgren told Wired News. “Obviously every small business isn’t going to have a biometric card reader, but perhaps the post office might have a reader since every community in America has a post office.” — Wired News

The Social Security card was originally issued specifically in connection with Social Security, a questionable New Deal program which resembles nothing more than a Ponzi scheme and is near collapse. Since government always tends to expand if not kept in check, it’s become virtually required in all aspects of daily life. It’s not yet required that anyone have one — unless he wants a bank account, a job, or government services. To survive without one, you’d better be Amish, or at least prepared to endure a lot of pain.

The Social Security card has therefore become a de facto national ID, and requirements for private individuals to verify it would make it a national ID, despite any protestation or policy statement to the contrary.

Speaking of requirements, the so-called Strive Act is gaining traction. It would require employers to submit all the personal information of all their new hires to the Department of Homeland Security for verification. Anyone whose verification fails would have to be fired if they were unable to correct their records. DHS is currently testing the verification system, known as Basic Pilot, and has lobbied Congress to fund and mandate it.

So, everyone has to have a national ID card in order to get work, because we have to be tough on those illegal immigrants! They’re bogging down the welfare system! Oh, wait, then why are they working at actual jobs?

Of course, we all know that illegal immigrants are coming here to work. Some people think that’s wrong. They claim that people should come here legally, not realizing that the legal paths for people to come here have been constricted or closed entirely, thus causing the “problem.”

The alternative, which will come to pass if these proposals go forward, is that many illegal immigrants currently here will go on welfare, more of the U.S. economy will move underground, out of the prying eyes of DHS and the Internal Revenue Service, dramatically expanding the “black” (free) markets, and we’ll all be tagged with a national ID card that we have to have in order to participate in the “white” (non-free) economy.

One thought on “Social Security card to be national ID

  • March 21, 2010 at 7:59 pm

    The government already has all your information. Your name, SS#, DL#, and picture. This biometric card would only have your picture, signature and SS#. They have all that already.

    Any time the ACLU screams that something like this is wrong(E-Verify) I know they are worried it will work. This would work!

    We need this card. We need this card first and only this card. After getting this card system set up our unemployment will go down to 2%.

    They used to say illegals did the jobs Americans won’t do but now they have the jobs Americans need in these times of high unemployment.


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