When they’re not making laws

A short while ago I heard some loud banging noises downstairs. Not like knocking on the door, more like someone trying to break the door apart.

I grabbed my pistol and went to find out what was going on. What happened next is one thing that sets New Hampshire apart from the rest of the country, and perhaps even the world.

In the front room of the house, I was quite surprised to find that the noise was coming from one of our State Representatives, Joel Winters (D-Manchester).

He was tearing down some drywall to expose a window which had been covered up at some point in the past.

With New Hampshire’s true citizen legislature, much more than in other states, many representatives are truly part of the community. When they aren’t at the State House in Concord, you’ll often find them running their own businesses or volunteering in their communities. So you shouldn’t be surprised if one of them turns up at your house and starts tearing up your walls — at least, if you were expecting someone to come over and tear up your walls.

Like myself, Winters also moved here as part of the Free State Project. But he’s been here for almost three years now. I have no idea how many people’s walls he’s torn up, but I do know he votes on the side of liberty. Even if he does have a Lynch for Governor bumper sticker on his truck. Anyone want to help scrape that thing off?

One thought on “When they’re not making laws

  • July 13, 2007 at 7:59 pm

    After such a build up, I feel bitterly p****d at the turn out of the rest of this foolish-ness–


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