Independence Day

This day the rain moved in early in the afternoon, and continued well into the night, and yet people still set off their fireworks here in a city where it’s, as far as I know, perfectly legal to do so. But while the star-spangled banner yet waves, the freedom it represents is a distant memory.

We Americans failed to be eternally vigilant, to protect the liberty which was our birthright, and tyranny rose again on these shores.

Again we are slaves, living at the whim of distant masters who pretend to be “public servants,” and who maintain this farce by pretending to allow the people to choose new masters every so often.

The Republic is falling. Today, an empire is rising in its place.

Most Americans have forgotten the point, the reason why the Fourth of July is celebrated: It’s Independence Day, that day which the thirteen American colonies formally declared that they had had enough tyranny from a faraway ruler and would stand no more of it. The ensuing war claimed thousands of lives, and the government formed afterward, flawed as it was, was the freest in the world at the time, and despite its recent decline, remains one of the freest today.

But all of that is changing.

It began in earnest in 1861 when Abraham Lincoln, one of the worst presidents in history, declared that the several Southern states could not leave the United States and strike their own path, and waged a bloody war of conquest to bring those states back under his heel. You probably heard in government indoctrination that the reason for the war was to abolish slavery. But it was much more than that.

Lincoln cared nothing for slavery, except where it would help him achieve his political goals. Thus the Emancipation Proclamation, which purported to free all of the slaves, applied only to those states “in rebellion against the United States.” Had he tried to free all of the slaves, he would have lost more states to the Confederacy, and perhaps lost the war as well. But as history tells us, the Union did indeed win the war, and military occupation of the Confederate states followed. Reconstruction was bitter and bloody, and we Southerners still bear the scars.

In 1913, Congress created the Federal Reserve Bank, abidcating its responsibility to provide a stable monetary system. The Federal Reserve quickly debased the money supply, removing its silver backing and doubling the supply of paper money within 15 years. Thus the so-called Roaring 20’s. Then after the inevitable 1929 stock market crash, it deflated the money supply, turning what was already a harsh recession into what we now know as the Great Depression. Nothing like it had been seen in this country before, though it will be seen here again.

Out of the Depression was born the so-called New Deal, in which Communism firmly took hold in this country. The idea behind Communism is that a central bureaucracy managing all aspects of the economy could best allocate scarce resources to those who needed them most. As we know, this doesn’t actually work in practice, though it made a nice theory to which many intellectuals of the time subscribed. Of course, they didn’t call it Communism, but socialism. It would only come to be known as Communism after World War II, when the Soviet Union turned from ally to enemy.

By either name, though, the economic system allocates all economic decisions to the bureaucracy. And we’ve all seen how well it worked out wherever it has been tried. It is truly a system of death.

Much of the New Deal was struck down as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court; of the programs, the poorly-named Social Security survived, only because President Roosevelt threatened the justices who were considering a challenge to its legality, and those justices caved in. Today, Social Security and related entitlement programs threaten us all. Their collapse is coming, and the government has no plans to do anything about it. At this point, total economic collapse is all but inevitable.

But back to the Federal Reserve. Over the years, the dollar has been disconnected from its gold and silver backing, and made into a fiat currency. It has no intrinsic value whatsoever, and the true rate of inflation is obscured because the bank no longer publishes those numbers. The government further confuses the issue by publishing a “Consumer Price Index,” calling any rise in prices of products on the index “inflation,” when they are not inflation, but a second-order effect; and the government changes the list itself to keep the numbers low. You can be assured the rate of inflation of the money supply, and therefore devaluaton of the dollars in your pocket, is much higher than the government admits.

Further, the government has raised taxes beyond the breaking point of many people, and far higher than any tax at nearly any other point in human history, to fund the socialist programs of death which survived the New Deal era, and the many more which have been created since; Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty, and instead we all became poorer as taxes rose. Richard Nixon declared war on drugs, and now drugs are everywhere.

Not only are drugs everywhere, but the “war on drugs” has become an excuse for the government to systematically strip away and violate the rights of all Americans, by seizing their possessions without evidence of a crime, by violating the sanctity of people’s homes without probable cause, sometimes killing them, by being absolved of the need to face justice when the government kills an innocent person, and worst of all by locking away people who have done nothing wrong at all.

The “war on drugs” has done more to violate the rights of the people than anything else in recent history, and by and large the Supreme Court has given its seal of approval to these violations. The founders believed that by separating the powers of government into three independent branches, the government might be less hostile to the liberty of the people. They apparently did not foresee that the branches of government would collude in order to deprive the people of their rights. Yet this is exactly what has happened.

Many of us warned that these things would happen. We told you what, why and how. You, dear American, failed to listen, and now you are paying the price. Your government oppresses you more and more by the day, the totalitarian police state grows around you, your friends, neighbors and relatives are dying, killed by out of control government agents, who virtually never see justice for their crimes against humanity, and you — you cheer them on.

Or do you?

There is perhaps one last chance to bring this great country back from the brink. His name is Ron Paul and he’s running for the Republican Party nomination for President. He promises to do as chief executive exactly what he’s done for nearly 20 years in Congress: to say no to bigger, more oppressive government and restore the Constitution as the law of the land.

Fortunately his support grows and grows by the day as more Americans hear his message of hope and peaceful restoration of what we have lost. But while he’s rapidly closing in on the top tier of candidates, having already raised millions of dollars for his campaign, it’s not at all clear at this early date that it will be enough.

Should Ron Paul succeed in getting the GOP nomination, he will easily defeat any Democrat that party puts forth. But should he fail to be nominated, the Republican and Democratic Party frontrunners have all promised us more of what has brought America to this precipice, and they would see us fall off into the abyss.

We are at a critical point in American history. That’s why earlier this year I contributed $100 to Ron Paul, and yesterday, another $200.

If we fail to restore our freedom through peaceful means, by bringing Ron Paul to the White House, then whoever else steps into that office in 2009 will throw us off the cliff, and this country will plunge into calamities the likes of which we have never seen: a second Great Depression, or perhaps worse, a second civil war.

I did not start the day wanting to write a message of fear, and I want to leave you with a message of hope. It’s not too late to save America from the catastrophes which await down the dark road this country now follows. Ron Paul, while not a perfect man, and not having a perfect political platform, is still our last best hope of breaking the invisible chains of slavery which we all wear and restoring the liberty which was our birthright. I urge you to contribute as much as you can to Ron Paul’s campaign and to spread this message as far and wide as you can.

One thought on “Independence Day

  • October 22, 2007 at 7:59 pm

    Not an American, but I am deeply sympathetic to the parlous situation America has now brought itself to ‘ & horrified by where I see it going.

    I would humbly suggest that a law be put forward equating any specific platform position of any politician with a sworn legal affadavit. In other words, make their fibs into real crimes. Would ANY of your current candidates either endorse or honor such a law? If not ‘ ask them why.

    Political democracy is doomed to remain little more than a popularity/financing contest without it — & in the absence of its logical corollary, economic democracy, it soon decays into elitism. Are ANY of your presidential hopefuls even mentioning this? Ask them why not.

    I’ve seen growing talk of the need for another revolution in America. Such an event would make your Civil War look like kindergartners’ nap-time. I’m astonished at anyone who could advocate such a horrific blodbath, let alone still believe that such massive & barbaric violence could generate ANY positive outcome. Albert Camus warned long ago that every single revolution has led to MORE state repression of citizens, & yours was no exception; the “patriots” infuriated by King George’s taxation were the monied elite, privately resenting what they considered their inherent right to rule “their” republic. Most people in the colonies ‘ with no earthly use for things like stamps & tea ‘ paid no taxes whatsoever. The “patriots” knew that a catchy slogan could alter that situation in a very lucrative way ‘ enter “No Taxation Without Representation.”

    They also dreaded the accelerating growth of progressive popular culture among the “rabble” & saw a revolution as a perfect opportunity to crush it ‘ sound familiar? The first thing they did after defeating Britain was to drive thousands of Loyalists into Canada, many of them peaceful folk who wanted to stay, then profiteer richly from their confiscated land, homes & possessions. The ones who refused to leave quickly or quietly enough were either “converted” ‘ or, more often, butchered. If your courts adhered to their noble standards today, your non-whites would be legally subhuman, & your women would be chattel. American history has been turned into a justification for its own decline. Orwell would weep.

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