What has government done to you?

Thomas Paine once said that: “Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one.”

In order to exist, government must necessarily take away some rights from some people in order to protect the remaining rights of all. I have heard this called the “social contract.”

For instance, the government here taxes the incomes of most Americans at backbreaking levels, so much so that in a two-parent household, both parents must work, simply to make the tax payments and have enough left over to feed the family. This level of taxation is almost unheard of throughout human history, until the 20th century. It now takes more than six months of the year for the average American to pay the cost of today’s government.

Then the government reneges on its promise to protect individual rights, by violating them instead. For instance, for many years the government has waged a so-called “war on drugs” which not only violates the right of the people to have and use drugs, but which the government has used to infringe other rights as well, such as the right to privacy.

“he natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground,” Thomas Jefferson is quoted as saying. The usual question, though it’s rarely asked this way, is who shall be violated, in what ways, and to what extent? And government employees are always thinking up new and innovative ways to violate people’s rights. It’s what they get paid for.

Much of what today’s governments do is presented in the guise of “helping” the “less fortunate” who, without government help, would have no way to survive in a cruel, “uncaring” world. It’s for this reason that more than 50% of your income goes to government taxes and regulations. And while helping the less fortunate is certainly a good thing to do, being forced to do it destroys any honor there might have been in the act of charity. To top it all off, government welfare even harms the recipients of the stolen blood money, by entangling them in a system they can’t easily get out of, teaching them to expect others to provide for them, and even sapping their will to live.

How has government violated your rights to life, liberty and property? Tell us your story.

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  • January 12, 2008 at 6:59 pm

    There’s no way you could possibly know me and still have to ask such a question. You should read some of the more recent postings, especially if your schedule doesn’t permit you to make the relatively short trip to meet me in person.

    At least it’s good that you don’t trust the government. But please don’t accuse me of being one of them. That’s extremely offensive.

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