John McCain at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum?

I’ve been here in Nashua, N.H., for the New Hampshire Liberty Forum, and dealing with technical problems all day. First it was Comcrap, then it was my video camera. But everything’s sorted now.

If you haven’t been here before, the Liberty Forum is an annual winter conference put on by the Free State Project, where dozens of speakers talk about a variety of issues of interest to anyone who wants more liberty, and especially those who are considering joining the Project and moving to New Hampshire.

At the Liberty Forum you get a chance to meet some of the people who are fighting for freedom here in New Hampshire. On Thursday night I ran into radio talk show hosts Gardner Goldsmith and Ian Bernard, science fiction/horror writer F. Paul Wilson, Libertarian Party presidential candidate George Phillies, several state legislators, Declan McCullagh from CNET, and quite a few other interesting people.

This morning I listened to the opening speech by Sharon Harris of the Advocates for Self-Government. You may know this fine organization from the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, which brilliantly exposes the fraud of the left-right, two political party paradigm. She spoke on how to communicate libertarian ideas and “stick it to the statists.”

I’d planned to bring you some bits of video, but thanks in part to video restrictions and in part to technical problems, it will be a day or so before I can get any video posted. Stay tuned; it’s coming.

I do have video, though, of an incident which happened this morning. Apparently we’re sharing the hotel with John McCain and his staff. And apparently after some of the Liberty Forum attendees walked in last night, the hotel got complaints that several openly armed citizens were peaceably going about their business inside the hotel, bothering nobody. And to think McCain comes from the other state where open carry of firearms is not only permitted but fairly common.

In this short clip, a McCain staffer approaches the Liberty Forum registration desk to ask what’s going on. He received a booklet containing the schedule of events and short biographies of the speakers and took it back to the main lobby, where yet another armed citizen walked right by, coffee in hand, peaceably going about his business.

So much for McCain and gun rights. According to Liberty Forum organizer Chris Lawless, McCain has been invited to sit in on some of the presentations, though his staffers are crying scheduling conflicts.

Much more to come, including more video, and tonight’s speech from Bernard von NotHaus of the Liberty Dollar.

See also coverage of last year’s New Hampshire Liberty Forum.

One thought on “John McCain at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum?

  • February 16, 2008 at 6:59 pm

    what the heck ARE Rick and Stacy talking about? propaganda maybe? echo-chamber type thingie?

    as far as the McCain staffer, you know i’m usually a firebrand and ready to pounce on statists of every stripe, but i really didn’t see anything overly hostile about that staffer. a little nervous maybe, but he didn’t seem to be being a dick, and you weren’t asked to disarm or anything. overall a successful encounter i’d say. maybe he’ll actually give the literature a read.

    btw Michael i have an email to send you about the amicus brief for the SCOTUS 2A case, so look for it k? my domain often gets filtered by mailers.

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