Death to fiat money

Bernard von NotHaus remains undaunted after a federal raid on his Liberty Dollar business in which his means of production and inventory were seized along with tons of precious metal owned by thousands of individual Americans.

And he has a dramatic flair about him. Instead of merely speaking to New Hampshire Liberty Forum attendees Friday night, he had forum organizer Chris Lawless announce that he would not be speaking, then “Captain Roughseas” walked in, dressed in pirate costume and wielding a sword, saying, “Death to fiat money!”

As Captain Roughseas, he gave an entertaining presentation on the importance of money, noting many of the evils of fiat money, and made some announcements about the 2008 Liberty Dollar.

He called the Federal Reserve “a bunch of village idiots . . . who couldn’t manage their ass with a flashlight” and noted that it is not possible to “manage the money” successfully. “We’re all going to be millionaires standing in a soup line” with the hyperinflation which is inevitable if the Federal Reserve continues on its current course.

“You don’t need to fear death, you need to fear fiat money,” he said.

He also noted that another function of commodity money, besides stabilizing the economy, is to restrain the government, the whole point of the Constitution.

In 2008, the Liberty Dollar will carry the designation MSRP and may carry local and regional hallmarks. Von NotHaus said that the recent raid on the Liberty Dollar’s Evansville, Ind., headquarters and the Sunshine Mint warehouse in Idaho would not affect future operations and that Liberty Dollar was back up and running.

Watch the video for yourself.

Von NotHaus also spent the weekend selling personally hallmarked Liberty Dollars, reserving a special Bill of Rights hallmark for any Ron Paul Dollars which attendees brought to him. He also had an LF08 hallmark to commemorate the Liberty Forum. Watch the video of this.

Even more to come, including Saturday’s and Sunday’s events. I have to check out of the hotel, film the closing address by Ron Paul, and write even more. And it actually takes a lot of time to encode and upload these videos. In the meantime, here’s a teaser.

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