Bush: Federal contractors’ employees need permission to work

President George W. Bush on Friday signed an executive order requiring federal contractors to verify the employment eligibility status of federal contractors and subcontractors.

The order marks the first time any group of employers has been required to screen their employees using the E-Verify system, formerly known as Basic Pilot, which has been voluntary since 1996. It’s not likely to be the last.

The E-Verify system queries Social Security and immigration databases to determine if a person is authorized to work in the United States. If the system cannot confirm eligibility, for instance due to an error in one of the databases, the employee must rectify the error or risk being fired — or perhaps deported, despite being a citizen.

The excuse given in the executive order is that “contractors that employ illegal aliens . . . inevitably will have a less stable and less dependable workforce than contractors that do not employ such persons.”

Under the order, contractors will have to screen existing employees who work on any new federal contracts and will have to screen any new employees they hire.

Hoping to address concerns about the accuracy of the system, the Department of Homeland Security said Monday that over 99.5 percent of queries through the system have cleared immediately. Over 69,000 employers currently use the program on a voluntary basis, though over 200,000 employers could be covered under the executive order.

“It will have a huge impact,” said Rosemary Jenks, director of government relations for NumbersUSA, a group that favors reduced immigration. “This is the first time the federal government is ensuring that it will not be responsible, directly or indirectly, for hiring illegal aliens.”

Ms. Jenks said concerns about the accuracy of the Social Security database were overblown. She said many errors in the database came from women who had married and failed to notify the Social Security Administration of their name changes, and from immigrants who had become American citizens. These problems could be easily remedied with requests to Social Security or immigration agencies, she said.

But Mike Aitken, director of governmental affairs for the Society for Human Resource Management, a trade association, said the E-Verify system remained vulnerable to cheating by immigrants who used real identity documents belonging to other people. Without new money and more staff members, Mr. Aitken said, the Social Security Administration could be overwhelmed by inquiries from federal contractors. — New York Times

Easily remedied? These people have never dealt with the Social Security Administration or with Citizenship and Immigration Services — or perhaps with any government bureaucracy. Easy is not in their vocabulary. Neither is efficient, nor fast. Getting an error in government records corrected is difficult at best.

This country was built by immigrants, and you have an immigrant to thank for some aspect of everything in your life as you know it. Hard working immigrants who contribute to our economy are not the problem, yet the problem was created by the government not allowing enough immigrants to come in to the country in the first place. This E-Verify system encourages “illegal” immigrants to come here and sign up for welfare benefits rather than working, which compounds the problem. The solution to immigration is simple: allow anyone to come here who wants to work, and get rid of welfare.

Unless and until this is done, the federal government will continue this crackdown on ordinary Americans in the guise of fighting illegal immigration. It’s only going to get worse for you and your family.

This is the first big step on the road to handing the federal government total control over who works and who doesn’t. It’s also a big step toward a national identification system in which your picture and perhaps other biometric data is tied together from your driver license, passport, Social Security card, and other government sources into a giant centralized government database where any federal bureaucrat on a power trip can find out anything he wants about you.

And once that happens, you are as good as dead, and if the government doesn’t kill you, it will enslave you. That’s how it works.

One thought on “Bush: Federal contractors’ employees need permission to work

  • June 21, 2008 at 7:59 pm

    Absolutely! We must throw all the illegals out, because the illegals are the source of our crime, our welfare and our decline in American culture. Lock them all out.

    And then what, I ask you.

    If you think we’ll see a decline in crime and welfare and an increase in American culture, you’ll be sadly mistaken, because it isn’t the illegal immigrant that is the source of these problems, but our own government. Throwing up a physical fence will not protect us from fraud, drugs or job losses, it only shifts the statistics on who is committing the crimes. The crimes occur because there is an inequality in our own government.

    Lady Liberty herself has not only been blindfolded, but bound and gagged as if she was a so-called “enemy combatant” held over in Gitmo. She is the enemy of bureaucracy and corruption, and our own government is not interested in seeing her defended.

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