“Scheduled Departure” crashes, burns

A three-week trial program where illegal immigrants could voluntarily leave the country without being arrested has ended with only eight people signing up.

Under the program, Operation Scheduled Departure, which ran from August 5 through Friday, illegal immigrants without criminal records who had been ordered deported could turn themselves in at Immigration and Customs Enforcement offices in Charlotte, N.C., Chicago, Ill., Phoenix, Ariz., San Diego and Santa Ana, Calif., agree to leave the country within 90 days, and in some cases receive assistance in paying for transportation.

Jim Hayes, acting director of the ICE Office of Detention and Removal Operations, said that none of the eight people, an Estonian, two Indians, two Guatemalans, a Lebanese, a Mexican and a Salvadoran, have yet left the country.

Hayes blamed immigration advocacy groups for the low response to the program, saying they urged people not to participate in protest of immigration laws. But the advocacy groups say there was no organized effort to undermine the program and that it was doomed from the start.

“Plenty of us said it was a silly idea and not going to work, that the undocumented may be illegal but they are not stupid,” said Joshua Hoyt, executive director of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.

Mr. Hoyt suggested that the agency used the program to justify more hard-line tactics.

“A cynic would say they are going to say, ‘See, we tried to be nice,'” he said. “‘We don’t abuse people. Now we’re going to get tough because they didn’t come forward when we tried to be nice, so now we’re going to be mean.'” — New York Times

Don’t be upset at the program’s $41,000 price tag, though. Hayes said it actually saved the $13,000 the government would have spent detaining those eight people. He also made a few other crazy statements, such as suggesting that allowing immigrants to stay in the country would lead to “anarchy.”

Meanwhile, illegal immigrants are leaving on their own in droves, without even waiting for a government raid, because of the faltering economy. When they find it better to leave the U.S. and go elsewhere, you have to stop and take a hard look at where your country is going, and consider whether that’s a direction you really want it to go in.

One thought on ““Scheduled Departure” crashes, burns

  • August 28, 2008 at 7:59 pm

    And of course, what about those who live in America that do not have their “papers”? Will it come down to a situation where those who “look like Americans” won’t be challenged but those who “look foreign” will? What does “American” look like? Why should it matter what you look like, or what papers you have or don’t have? What about “surrendering” to the “authorities” for a jay-walking “offense” and being whisked off to Gitmo or Syria to be water-boarded as an “enemy combatant”? Why would you stop? Why would you “surrender”? Why would you take the risk of being kidnapped, tortured, imprisoned, and even murdered?

    Of course, this does not bode well for johnny-law when all he really wants to do is get a jelly doughnut hard-on by asserting his supposed authority over you just to write you a ticket so you’ll have to pay a fine to help pay his salary.

    Increasingly johnny’s hard-on sessions won’t go as planned. Why should they when the gang-bangers are dressing up as johnny law and doing their dirty deeds much the same as johnny. Those jay-walkers are going to either run like hell or fight back. Either way someone is likely to get injured or worse.

    Why do you think that johnny-law brings lots of his fellow hard-ons whenever he wants to get some jelly doughnuts. Got to have overwhelming force to make sure johnny is the one zipping up the body-bags, and not the other way around.

    If you don’t hang together, you will hang separately. An armed society is a polite society. Fences make good neighbors. Everyone leaves everyone else alone.

    Research the Non-Aggression Principle and read Atlas Shrugged amongst others.

    John and Dagny

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