Gary Franchi: Activism, Networking and Media in the Digital Age

As virtually everyone is aware, the Internet has changed the way people do business and how they live their lives. It has also changed the way people do activism.

Gary Franchi, who helped Aaron Russo found Restore The Republic in 2007, spoke at the 2009 New Hampshire Liberty Forum on how to use Internet technologies for political activism.

Along the way, he also explained his relationship to award-winning filmmaker and libertarian political activist Aaron Russo, and how, despite being an outspoken activist who regularly questions the government, he got a top secret security clearance.

“I recently went to a top secret military facility called the National Reconnaissance Office,” Franchi said during his speech. Reading from a book, Top Secret Tourism, which explained that the NRO “coordinates all of America’s spy satellite operations,” he said that he had been invited to a retirement party being held at the NRO, but needed a security clearance to get in.

“It was really weird,” he said. “The security to get in that building was less than the TSA at the airport.” Franchi went on to say that if someone like him could get a security clearance, then “what’s to be afraid of? . . . Don’t have any fear about what you do.”

Franchi explained several ways for activists to use Internet technologies such as forums, social networking sites, and more, to advance activism. I’ll let you watch the video to judge them for yourself.

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