Glen Jacobs: Why Liberty is Inevitable

If you’ve ever seen professional wrestler Glen Jacobs at his day job, you may be quite surprised to hear him speak when he’s not at work.

Glen Jacobs is better known as Kane from World Wrestling Entertainment. In sharp contrast to Kane’s vicious and mentally disturbed persona, Jacobs is perhaps one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

And all you wrestling fans will be surprised to learn that he’s quite intelligent, too. This comes through in his speech at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum, where he explained why the libertarian paradigm must prevail and why humanity must progress upward toward liberty. Here’s a very brief sample:

“Paradigms become so integral for some individuals that when the data that they receive from their senses doesn’t correspond with their paradigm, they reject the data instead of questioning their world view,” Jacobs said, explaining why many people have trouble accepting the ideas of liberty. “In other words, they dismiss the way that things really are in favor of the way they think things are.”

Along the way Jacobs also gives a brief introduction to economics and explains why the government’s current economic policies will only result in destruction. He proposes that when things start to get really bad, Americans will begin questioning their world view, and will look for solutions.

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The danger here, of course, is that when things get really bad, people have a tendency to follow the first demagogue who comes along and promises them whatever they want. This scenario lies in our short-term future, and it’s one that we must guard against.

The New Hampshire Liberty Forum is an annual conference hosted by the Free State Project, which aims to have 20,000 activists move to New Hampshire to work toward greater liberty. Jacobs is a Free State Project participant and maintains a second home in New Hampshire.

I have more video from Glen Jacobs, which I’ll hopefully be able to release later.

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