Marc Stevens: Delusions

If you consider yourself a citizen of the United States of America, or of any other country, you should not watch this video until you have mentally prepared yourself to have everything you believe in challenged. You have been warned.

What if everything you believed in turned out to be just a set of delusions programmed into you from early childhood? How would you react upon learning this? Most people will go into denial and get very highly emotional, even to the point of violence. You are probably no exception.

If you continue reading, and watch this video, you will be taking the first step in freeing yourself from a pervasive cult which binds far too many people. A good start to mentally preparing yourself would be to go back and watch Glen Jacobs’ talk from the 2009 New Hampshire Liberty Forum.

Marc Stevens also spoke at the Liberty Forum regarding the delusions most people believe in and live their lives under. Stevens, who worked for over a decade as a legal consultant, helped people win court cases ranging from minor traffic tickets to major tax cases. He tells his story of how he came to understand these delusions and how he used them to win in court. This didn’t come without a price, though, as in the process his clients also came to understand the delusions they had been living under.

“I had somebody who didn’t call me for six months,” Stevens said during his talk. “‘Where the hell you been?’ He basically said, ‘I couldn’t stand you. You tore my reality out and didn’t replace it with anything.'”

The delusions, of course, are that there is a state, and that you are a citizen of it. To prove this, Stevens cites from numerous court cases, Lysander Spooner’s No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority, and common sense.

“They force us into their little schools when we’re four or five years old and they ram their crap down our throats day in and day out.”

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None of this was new to me as I had come to much the same conclusions almost two years ago through the process of writing for Homeland Stupidity. But it will be a much more difficult process for most people, and I’d guess that most people who watch this video and read these words will not be ready to accept this simple truth. In his talk, Stevens also addresses why people have this psychological reaction, so if you are among the majority who stopped watching partway through, you may wish to go back and finish the video.

Marc Stevens wrote the book Adventures in Legal Land, in which he goes into further detail as well as providing case citations, and methods people can use in court to challenge almost anything the bureaucrats are trying to put them through. He also hosts a radio show, The No State Project.

The Free State Project, which aims to have 20,000 activists move to New Hampshire to work toward establishing a free society, hosts the annual New Hampshire Liberty Forum to showcase the state and provide potential participants the opportunity to meet other liberty lovers and investigate the feasibility of a move for themselves. This year’s theme, “Many Paths to Liberty,” was meant to highlight the fact that freedom may not be achieved by any single method but by individual people working toward freedom in their own unique ways, according to conference organizer Chris Lawless.

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