Liberty Conspiracy ‘ 1-4-10 The TSA Snoop, Breaking Immigration Laws

Welcome to the Conspiracy, where we study all the factors that lead to a freer society: economics, politics, history, theory, and culture. In this production, take a listen to Gardner Goldsmith exploring the fact that the nominee to head the TSA has used his former post at the FBI to snoop into, yeah, you got it, someone’s private information– Nice to know the Obamites are so interested in privacy, huh?

But what about those nasty immigrants? Did you know that an eeeeevil woman has organized a group of Arizonans to alert each other to immoral and actions made by cops who want to arrest “illegal immigrants”? She must be evil. Right? We’ll look at the moral and economic arguments, as well as the Constitutional arguments (for those who want them). Check it out!

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One thought on “Liberty Conspiracy ‘ 1-4-10 The TSA Snoop, Breaking Immigration Laws

  • February 10, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    the way i see it, is that illeagle immigration is the biggest problem facing us today. the tea party should pick up on this fact, because it has become a terrible insult to legal residents. the youth of this country cant find work, because all the positions are taken by non citizens., with their stolen ssn’s.its really absurd, when you realize just how many laws are being broken. its not to say we shouldnt have empathy for the plight of illegles, but rather, we have no choice, but to address it for what it is, which are crimes that lead to more crimes and so it, can only denigrate the system. if this issue isnt resolved in time, then we will become a third world country. the american dream isnt a crime. its built on hard work, responsibility and laws. there is no free lunch, here.socializm removes any and all incentive to achieve greatness. we need to enforce our laws, and we need to get our books in order, then after that, will see what we can do for others. until then, everyone, from everywhere else should do the same.

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