Homeland Stupidity

Liberty Conspiracy ‘ 1-4-10 The TSA Snoop, Breaking Immigration Laws

Welcome to the Conspiracy, where we study all the factors that lead to a freer society: economics, politics, history, theory, and culture. In this production, take a listen to Gardner Goldsmith exploring the fact that the nominee to head the TSA has used his former post at the FBI to snoop into, yeah, you got it, someone’s private information– Nice to know the Obamites are so interested in privacy, huh?

But what about those nasty immigrants? Did you know that an eeeeevil woman has organized a group of Arizonans to alert each other to immoral and actions made by cops who want to arrest “illegal immigrants”? She must be evil. Right? We’ll look at the moral and economic arguments, as well as the Constitutional arguments (for those who want them). Check it out!

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