Does your school teacher want your children to die?

Not only aren’t your children learning much of anything in public school, they may well be in mortal danger, thanks in part to the attitudes and beliefs of their teachers and school administrators.

I was recently sent a letter from a high school teacher published in the December 28 Boston Globe. In the letter, Brockton High School math teacher Doug Van Gorder, who lives in nearby Quincy, perfectly illustrates the so-called “progressive” ideology.

In case you’re tempted to believe this letter is satire, a local newspaper called him for comment and got only this: “The letter speaks for itself.”

Brockton High School was the site of a December 2 shooting which left a non-student injured. Last week another teenager was shot in the city’s Westgate Mall.

The school district is defending this teacher’s right to free speech, and I would do the same. Even the insane have a right to speech, I think. However, combined with comments from a local discussion board on this teacher’s classroom antics, a psychiatric evaluation seems in order.

It doesn’t really matter who wrote the letter, though. It captures the “progressive” ideology quite well, though it is perhaps best understood as a caricature. For a long time I didn’t believe it was possible for someone to hold such beliefs. Now I merely don’t believe it is possible for any sane person to hold beliefs such as those expressed in this letter:

I am a math teacher at Brockton High School, the site of a school shooting earlier this month.

Current school security procedures lock down school populations in the event of armed assault. Some advocate abandoning this practice as it holds everyone in place, allowing a shooter easily to find victims.

An alternative to lockdown is immediate exodus via announcement. Although this removes potential hostages and makes it nearly impossible for the shooter to acquire preselected targets, it unfairly rewards resourceful children who move to safety off-site more shrewdly and efficiently than others.

Schools should level playing fields, not intrinsically reward those more resourceful. A level barrel is fair to all fish.

Some propose overturning laws that made schools gun-free zones even for teachers who may be licensed to securely carry concealed firearms elsewhere. They argue that barring licensed-carry only ensures a defenseless, target-rich environment.

But as a progressive, I would sooner lay my child to rest than succumb to the belief that the use of a gun for self-defense is somehow not in itself a gun crime. — Boston Globe

This is not the sort of person any sane parent would want within ten miles of their children, let alone teaching them, yet every public school in America has teachers who hold similar views. Worse, they are the majority, and they are reinforced in their anti-child views by their unions.

First, teachers and school administrators really do believe that your children should be held back when they get too far ahead. If you complain too loudly, they will get shunted into a so-called “gifted and talented” program where they can be held back without “disrupting the class” with their constant need to do something more challenging, useful or important.

Leveling the playing field, in the eyes of public school teachers and administrators, has become making sure as little actual educational achievement occurs as possible without parents noticing until it’s too late.

Finally, as difficult as it is to believe, many people really do believe it’s better to die than to defend yourself. This is quite a bit different than the otherwise admirable philosophy of pacifism; in this case, they believe in and celebrate violence, especially when it is done by their group to members of other groups. Teachers and administrators holding this philosophy of death will not shed a single true tear when your child gets killed in the next school shooting, and while they talk about reducing school violence, will do everything they can to ensure that there is a next school shooting.

These individuals are truly disturbed and rarely get the psychiatric help they need. If your child’s teacher makes statements like those in this letter, you may be dealing with such an individual. In any case, they are so common in schools today that you will have to search hard to find a teacher who doesn’t subscribe to this philosophy of keeping your children ignorant and possibly getting them killed.

As always, I suggest looking anywhere but a public school if you want your child to actually have an education.

[“Adolf Hitler Target” photo by Marshall Astor; CC BY-SA 2.0]

One thought on “Does your school teacher want your children to die?

  • January 26, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    For me, one of the most frightening aspects of pacifism is that it is pushed mainly on the less powerful. Children aren’t taken seriously; they aren’t seen as equals, but as inferior creatures that need to be “molded” into (IMO a rather psychotic idea of) a “full human”. Unfortunately, this also ends up reinforcing that belief in “ageism”, I guess you’d call it: they won’t respect you if you fight back, and if you do (because you are going to be alone in the effort), it’s easier to dismiss and compartmentalize you as “wrong”.

    I think that half the reason there are “less resourceful” children is simply because they didn’t have the chance to get their spark on. From my experience of the public education system, children don’t hate learning until they get (forced) into school.

    This was probably satire. It’s a very good one. I think the person who sent you the email may need to tune up their reality relativity sensors.

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