Liberty Conspiracy ‘ 4-16-10 News Update: Self-Defense Called Antagonism, Barack Obusha Invades Privacy, Unemployment Socialism, Salaries and Numbers of Gubment Employees Rises Sharply

Remember the Talking Heads when they were great? Recall the line, “same as it ever was . . .” Well, that’s that the Obama Administration is when it comes to civil liberties. Funny how we’re not hearing about it from the pop media, isn’t it. Join the Conspiracy as we investigate the move by the Obama feds to invade private e-mails without warrants. Good stuff to know. [Editor’s note: On Friday the Department of Justice abandoned its attempt to obtain private e-mail without a warrant.]

Also, Gard will tell you a quaint little story about how two doctors on a plane with Barney Frank are being depicted as the “antagonizers” when they expressed outrage at being coerced and manipulated by him and his fellow criminals in Congress. One needs to ask, who initiates the aggression, the doctors who are responding to what Frank is doing to them, or Congressman Frank?

Also, listen for El G Grande’s discussion of the Massachusetts state health fascism debacle, and its implications for the rest of the U.S. now that Frank’s bill has become “law.”

And also check out the details of what Gard has gathered regarding the sheer numbers and salaries of GUBMENT officials! It’s astounding, and comes during a recession!


Ok! Dig in!

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