Liberty Conspiracy ‘ 5-21-10 Sheldon Richman on SCOTUS, Comstock, Civil Rights, and Rand Paul

Welcome back to the Conspiracy! We at the Liberty Conspiracy believe in exploring contemporary issues and deriving timeless principles from them.

That’s why we like to turn to a man like Sheldon Richman, whose work in the field of political economics is truly remarkable. In this production, Gardner Goldsmith touches base with Sheldon on the recent ruling by the Supreme Court in the Comstock case — one in which the majority found for expansive federal powers to incarcerate sexual predators beyond their criminal sentences. The subject involves a clear understanding of the arguments made by the anti-federalists when they said that the ambiguities of the Constitution would lead to expansion of power. For more, read Sheldon’s excellent article, here.

Then, Gard and Sheldon investigate the recent flap over KY Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul’s comments about the bad aspects of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Sheldon offers some very clear thinking on the Act, and on the current controversy.

It’s all here, and at

For more of Sheldon Richman’s work, find him at the Foundation for Economic Education and The Freeman.

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