Liberty Conspiracy ‘ 6-28-10 Replay: Times Square Bomber Reveals: US Foreign Policy Inspires Terrorists

Although the “conservative” pop media hasn’t paid it any attention, Faisal Shahzad, the man who admits trying to kill people in Times Square, NYC with a truck bomb, has explained why he made the attempt, and why more terrorists will try to kill innocent Americans.

In his criminal trial (which is open to reporters, as opposed to the military commissions so many statists want to use for trials of terrorism suspects), Shahzad said that if the US government continues to meddle in Mideast affairs, there will me more killings.

Islamic terrorism has nothing to do with US culture. It’s about the US government messing in the middle east and killing people, or offering weapons to nation states to kill people, or money to kill people, etc., etc. . . .

Check out this audio, isolated from an earlier production in order to facilitate easier retention!

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